How to Write a Conclusion for your Essay - Guide 2022

An essay is that part of academic writing that is essential and mandatory for every student to do. 
Not just that, essay writing carries a strong weightage of marks and that’s the reason it is important to score well in academics.

No matter what type of essay you are writing, it has to be perfect and well-structured. Students who have good writing and analyzing skills tend to produce better essays than the ones that do not.

Every essay writing service is written in a format. An informal essay or a formal essay, each essay has an outline that shapes up your writing. Typically, all the essays follow the same outline. All the essays are started with an introduction that introduces a topic to the readers, the next element is the body in which a description is given, and at last, comes the conclusion.

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It is believed that an introduction or the starting of an essay plays a really important part. As it is the first thing that a reader reads in your essay it should be catchy, interesting, and engaging making the audience read the entire essay.

Professional writers who write my essay believe that not just the introduction of an essay but also the conclusion of the essay is very important in writing an effective essay. Giving a logical ending and conclusion to an essay can be equally difficult as starting it in the first place.

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We all are familiar with the phrase “all is well that ends well”. This phrase perfectly justifies the importance of the proper conclusion. Here’s how an essay should be concluded:

  1. Restating your thesis statement - A thesis statement is the main argument and stance of the essay writer. Your whole essay defends this piece of argument and every detail in the body paragraph works as evidence to support it.

    To conclude your essay, restate the thesis statement you made in the introduction. This is to show that you have proved the point you made in the beginning and are still standing firm on your stance.

  2. Summary - After stating a thesis statement, a writer should analyze his essay to check what his ma8in points and ideas were. Consider those points and summarize them. The summary of 9 of those points should be added to the concluding or ending paragraphs.

    Keep in mind, that in conclusion no new ideas or points are introduced. It is for the readers to not get confused and frustrated.

  3. Length - Note that the length of your conclusion should be equal to or less than an introductory paragraph. A good essay is one whose introduction and conclusion are of the same length.

    Giving extremely huge conclusions will scare your audience and the purpose of your essay will be lost.

When you make proper and “build up” conclusions, the reader or the audience is clear about the topic and discussion made. Abrupt and sudden endings ruin your essay as well. Slowly and gradually come to an end and provide results.

Learn to write good essays to get the scores you want. If your assignments give you anxiety because you do not know how to write them, you can always get  write my essay for me service from professionals online.

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